February also known as the month of love is one of the most exciting times of the year hence you can’t overlook the safety of your loved ones. “If you think safety is expensive try an accident”- unknown author.


Here at Sequ-Door we prioritise your well-being and wish you a beautiful Valentines Day accompanied by 3 Tips to keep your Family safe this month.

1. Keep your doors open to loved ones and closed to strangers

Whether it’s a salesperson, electrician, plumber, phone company or repair person, don’t let anyone into your home if you don’t have an appointment with them and always ask for identification. There are a number of reasons not to let an unexpected visitor into your house, especially in this modern day and age.

2. Keep open communication with your children as to where they are and what time they are arriving home.

There are plenty of reasons to know where your children are, not only does it make pickups easier but allows for detailed information in case of emergency. Knowing what time to expect your children home sets clear boundaries about their arrival which is a safety precaution.

Another piece of advice is knowing your children’s friends and familiarising with their hangout sites. You can also monitor your children’s whereabouts using apps like Footprints http://www.footprints.net/, Bark https://www.bark.us/ and Family tracker. https://www.myfamilytracker.com/

3. Transform Your Home into a love nest and safe haven

Creating a safe haven for your family is not only important for your family but creates a place of comfort for your friends, guests, workers and people with access to your home. It is important to create safe zones, Sequ-Door provides expandable security doors and burglar proofing that ensures you and your family have the best protection.

At Sequ-Door we believe that reliability and service comes first and provide a wide variety of home security transformations making safety a priority for you and your family.

These are three simple ways to keep your family safe this Valentine’s Day, remember, we must plan for freedom, for it is in freedom that we find safety and security. For expandable security doors, burglar proofing, and security shutters contact us at:

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