5 of SA’s Safest Holiday Destinations (5 minute read)

South Africans are blessed to live in a country with breathtaking landscapes, wild animals, and a variety of destinations for every type of dream holiday. Whether you’re looking for a hiking retreat, a desert camping adventure, or to soak up the sun on our beautiful shores, there is a holiday destination to suit you.

One of the few questions that weigh on the minds of families is if the destination they’re looking into for their holiday is safe. The hotel may be expensive and the activities may be plentiful but will everyone feel secure enough to relax. After all, relaxing is what a holiday is for.

We’ve done the work for you and looked at popular holiday destinations within our splendid borders. Here are our top five safe holiday destinations for you and your family to enjoy this summer.


  • Knysna


Knysna has been a long time favourite holiday destination and there is no question as to why. Nestled neatly along the Garden Route and nearly equidistant between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, Knysna offers her tourists enjoyable weather during the summer months. The small town has a rich history showcased in various museums and the Knysna Lagoon offers wonderfully warm water for swimming and is home to wild seahorses. If you’re thinking of taking your next holiday in Knysna, have a look at the numerous activities for you and your family to safely enjoy here: http://ow.ly/15zS30m4kic.


  • Port St Johns


The small town of Port St Johns is located on the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape. The sleepy town offers a relaxing holiday destination and brings an insight into the rich Xhosa culture of the Transkei. The town is situated at the mouth of the Mzimvubu River which flows through two sandstone mountains known as the Gates of St John and is a favourite destination for deep sea fishing and offshore angling. If you are looking at this serine town for your holiday, take a look at the variety of activities to enjoy here: http://ow.ly/ulwO30m4lVe.


  • Yzerfontein


Yzerfontein is a small town on the West Coast is the home to many natural beauties that seem to contrast the arid, dry strip of the nation it lies in. The town has a small population of friendly locals and booms during the annual wildflower blooming starting from mid-September and blossoming through to October. Other attractions include the 16 Mile Beach, South Africa’s longest strip of uninterrupted coastline, Dassen Island with its nature reserve 10km offshore nature reserve, and the Yzerfontein salt pan. Find more holiday activities in Yzerfontein here: http://ow.ly/MLuw30m4n6b.


  • George


Another popular destination for holiday goers along the stunning Garden Route, Goerge has often been called the hub of the route. George is a golfers’ paradise, famous for its annual Old Car Show and Cheese Festival, and its many activities for all ages to thoroughly enjoy, this is a prime destination for a safe vacation. Find out more about George and it fabulous adventures here: http://ow.ly/9msK30m4ot9.


  • St Francis


Possibly one of the most popular holiday destinations for South Africans, St Francis in the Eastern Cape is a hub of energy and activity during the holiday season. The safe town has been called a world class surfing destination and was featured in the 2014 movie, The Perfect Wave and the 1966 documentary, The Endless Summer. An ideal location for tourists both young and old, St Francis hosts a large variety of activities to suit those seeking adventure or rest and relaxation. If you’re thinking of taking your end of year holiday in St Francis, have a look at these amazing activities to enjoy while you’re there: http://ow.ly/eBFn30m4oUP.

Everyone deserves a holiday to take the edge off and enjoy themselves but the safety of the destination should always be a priority. With five fantastic destinations to choose from which will suit every type of hobby, South Africa is the place to be this summer.

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