With the unemployment stats on the rise and the pressure building, many residents in South Africa need to take extra precautions when making sure that their properties can fend off any intruder! Home invasions are a reality which can affect anyone and everyone, find out more about how to keep you, your family and your property safe.

How do you live Safety Smart in SA?

1. Family Safety
Family safety is important for all parents and ensuring your children know a couple of safety tips can help in an emergency situation. Teach your children to be aware of their surroundings and what to do in a situation when a potential threat arises. Make sure your children know your cell phone number and what to do in an emergency.

2. Property Safety
Your entire property security system should revolve around making it harder for burglars to gain entry. Most burglars will ignore a house that they can’t gain access into quickly and quietly making the risk of getting caught too great for the reward.
● Start with your perimeter, cut back shrubs so there are no hiding places and don’t allow tree branches to grow over your wall.
● Invest in having both razor wire and quality electric fencing installed over your walls or fencing.
● Have outdoor lighting to help illuminate your garden and patio, this will be especially useful for deterring criminals and will help if you have CCTV cameras set up around your property.
● Ensure every possible entry point has been fitted with robust burglar proofing.
● Install SLAM-lock expandable security doors around your patio enclosure and in front of all doors leading into the home as well as burglar bars or safety window fixtures installed over all your windows.
● Next ensure that the part of your home which is most vulnerable, the bedrooms, has additional security by converting that area into a safety zone.

3. Don’t let anyone in unless you know them
Burglars are developing new ways to gain entry into our properties such as posing as municipality workers for meter readings, package or delivery couriers, food delivery guys, and so on. Never let anyone enter your property without confirming their identification and reason for being at your property.

4. Prevention is Key
Making it harder for burglars to break and enter your home makes your property less likely to be a target. Prioritise your homes barrier systems and make it difficult for unwanted entry, from your wall or fence to your doors and windows and including the interior of your home with a safety zone.

5. Let Your Security Components Work Together
Ensure that each of the components of your security system is functioning correctly, Contact your security company and arrange to have each part of your overall security system tested and repaired where needed including your electric fence, panic buttons, infra-red detectors, alarm system signal. Other areas to check to include your expandable security doors, window burglar proofing, outdoor lighting and safety zone. Ensure your physical burglar proofing on your doors, windows, and locks have been installed by an accredited manufacturer and installer.

Safety is a high priority for all South Africans, especially when we consider our property, our family’s and our personal security. At Sequ-Door we take your safety seriously and we offer a wide variety of safety barrier solutions. From expandable security doors, Slam-Lock featured doors to burglar proofing to safe zones.


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