Aluminium Door Products

Sequ-Door provides quality, style and energy efficiency in all our aluminium doors and tailor a solution to fit your personal requirements.
Offering a variety of door types, glass options and powder coated colours, to ensuring we inspire your living spaces.



  • Sliding Folding Door

    Sliding Folding Door

    Sliding Folding Doors Mostly used in the main areas of the house or business to create a feeling of joining…

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  • Palace Sliding Doors

    Palace Sliding Doors

    Palace Sliding Doors The palace system, is a premium range sliding door which offers more durability and greater panel size,…

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  • Standard Sliding Door

    Standard Sliding Door

    A cost effective and efficient sliding door which has several applications for both internal and external use. With a low-profile…

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  • Hinge Doors – Double & Single

    Hinge Doors – Double & Single

    Available in both single and double panels, our hinged door a popular choice for both internal and external use in…

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  • Pivot Doors

    Pivot Doors

    Pivot Doors This door comes as a single door panel and moves on a rotating pivot set which is mounted…

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  • Stable Doors

    Stable Doors

    The stable door is a popular option for many kitchens and sculleries. It is a single hinge door that has…

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