Aluminium Window Products

Our windows are not only durable and well designed, but also offer energy efficiency to your home or business alike.
Stylishly framing your view and allowing maximum light and ventilation into your space.



  • Top Hung Windows

    Top Hung Windows

    The top hung windows are one of our most popular window products on offer. They open from the bottom out…

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  • Side Hung Windows

    Side Hung Windows

    The side hung windows are a variation to the more popular top hung option, and provide for great air flow.…

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  • Side Light Windows

    Side Light Windows

    Side Light windows can be attached to the side of our aluminium door ranges to allow for more light and…

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  • Top Light Windows

    Top Light Windows

    Top Light Windows are generally attached to the top of either of our door options and provide the client with…

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  • Fixed Panel Window

    Fixed Panel Window

    Ideal for areas where no ventilation is required but you still require expansive light into your space. A variety of…

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  • Horizontal Sliding Windows

    Horizontal Sliding Windows

    A side-to-side sliding window that is perfect for areas where additional ventilation is needed, without the obstruction of window panes.…

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  • Vertical Sliding Windows

    Vertical Sliding Windows

    A sliding window that moves up or down allowing either a top opening or bottom opening depending on client’s requirements.…

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  • Butt Joint Window

    Butt Joint Window

    A window offering a less obstructive view as glass meets glass to form a join. No posts, beams or aluminium…

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  • Bay Window

    Bay Window

    Bay windows are typically the combination of three windows that angle out beyond the exterior wall. This offers more floor…

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