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Braai Master Etiquette (3 Minute Read)

Never mess with another mans Braai... We all entertain guests and enjoy the company of our friends and family. One of the best ways to entertain is the braai. If you're new to braaing it can be intimidating, and even for seasoned veterans there are some simple rules to follow. Here are our 5 rules…
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3 Benefits to Enclosing your Patio (3 minute read)

Patios provide many benefits for your home and your family, but if you want to give your patio an upgrade, there’s no better way than to enclose it. If you’re thinking of enclosing your patio, but are not yet convinced on whether it’s the right option for you, then read these 3 great benefits that…
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Business / Factory

Another Beautiful Project by Sequ-Door If you thought we only made homes beautiful, think again. Have a look at this incredible car dealership project with Sequ-Door Aluminium Doors & Windows.
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