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Why Convert From Wood to Aluminium? (3 minute read)

Technology has come a long way over the last 50 years or so and with these advancements, we have been able to make our homes more comfortable and easier to maintain. We have been able to have high tech appliances to make our lives easier, better building techniques to make our homes more durable and…
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Let’s Talk Safety Zones (5 minute read)

South Africa, unfortunately, has a high crime rate which causes concern for families when we consider home robberies. We have all heard or read the horror stories of a family caught up in a home robbery and what can happen to them. Here is how you can create a safety zone at home to prevent…
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From Wood to Aluminium

Another successful Sequ-Door job completed! Before and after pictures of our latest project. Removal of the out-dated wooden windows and door frames and replaced with sleek and elegant aluminium frames. Contact us for a quote today and lets make your living space inspired and secured. Email:
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