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Simply The Best Burglar Proofing Solutions and Aluminium Doors & windows for your home and business.

Sequ-Door, the 2020 winner of the Overall Best Stand award at the Homemaker’s Expo 2020, has the perfect installation solution for you? Sequ-Door offers tailor-made, aesthetically pleasing and quality, robust security installations for your home. This is what they had to say upon receiving the Overall Best Stand award….. “We have been with HOMEMAKERS for so many years and winning is a big honour for us. We created a stand that showcases all our products. We also went with a warm-homey feel in our stand design. This attracts visitors and makes them feel at home”. To view photos of their Overall Best Stand, follow the link: https://www.facebook.com/SequDoor/photos/   Is it time to upgrade your burglar proofing and aluminium doors and windows? To strengthen your protection and be compliant with current industry trends? Is it time to enhance the beauty and protect your home by adding long-term value and your own choice of style?  If security is of concern to you, [...]

Patio Entertaining in Style this Easter, here’s how…

Locked down and at home this Easter weekend! Are you planning a South African style luncheon outdoors on the patio or in the garden revelling in our great African weather?    Decide whether you are going formal or informal. Go formal or go informal! This choice usually depends on your theme and on your menu. With the restrictions and only close family at home during lockdown, informal may be the easier option. Cover a table with a decorative cloth. Place the food, crockery and cutlery here for everyone to help themselves at their leisure. Let them sit randomly around on the patio or garden to eat and enjoy their meal. For more information on table-setting, follow this link: https://www.realsimple.com/holidays-entertaining/entertaining/how-to-set-a-table   Chic Modern Easter Decor  Make this Easter at home fun and colourful. Choose your theme from those items already in your cupboards. Try to be creative, use fashionable colours if possible or use inspirations from your garden such as leaves, [...]

Staycation Ideas for this easter holiday (2 minute read)

Here are 4 ways to enjoy your time at home. Backyard Camping - Set up a tent in yours or a friends back garden, sleep under the stars with the kids, they will love the adventure. You don’t need to go far to spend quality time with your loved ones.   Classic Movie night - Popcorns, drinks and action! Set up a movie night using a projector on a blank wall outside or inside. It is an exciting way to have the entire family in one living space and bonding over a favourite classic.   Just Relax! - Wear your flip-flops and sunglasses, even if you’re not going anywhere. Bonus points for safari hats, Hawaiian shirts and swimming trunks. Put on the speaker and enjoy the rhythm to “Sweet Caroline”, go out for ice-cream or make healthy popsicles to cool down, turn your balcony, porch or garden into an outdoor oasis or simply read a book.   Bake, braai or [...]

How to keep your home & family safe during load shedding (2 minute read)

The current power outages due to load shedding may have resulted in an increase in criminal activity so securing your home, business and family should be a priority.  Here are some tips to help secure your home during load shedding.   Secure your Doors with Expandable sliding doors Make sure that your sliding doors are secured with quality expandable security doors. Your garden beams and alarm system may not have a battery backup or may let you down so having an extra security barrier will prevent criminals from gaining easy access. https://www.sequ-door.co.za/security-doors/   Secure your windows with burglar bars Windows are one of the most common entry points for burglars and therefore installing burglar bars and burglar proofing on all your windows will ensure that it is not an easy access entry point. https://www.sequ-door.co.za/burglar-proofing-burglar-bars/   Security Shutters Security shutters are not only beautiful but also an essential safety component. They are versatile and allow light into the rooms, adding both [...]

A brief history of Aluminium and how the industry is regulated

It is the most copious mineral on earth following oxygen and silicon. Aluminium is present in almost every home, whether it is in the form of wires, window frames, doors, burglar bars and aluminium foil.  Do you know the history of this amazing, versatile and recyclable metal? Aluminium is one of the most widespread metals on earth, making up almost 8% of the core’s mass; however pure aluminium does not exist in nature but rather binds with other elements. Aluminium is one of the more recent metal discoveries and became popular in the early 1800s. It was first extracted from ore in 1825 by a Danish chemist named Hans Oersted who used electricity to break down the ore into its different elements using the process of electrolysis. In the 1800s Aluminum was considered more precious than Gold due to the difficulty and expense in extracting the mineral. More than 50 years after it was first extracted in its pure form, [...]

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