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Patio living in winter, get it right the Sequ-Door way

Service, Excellence, Quality, Unique - these are the words that best describe our Company. Sequ-Door is uniquely positioned to offer aesthetically pleasing solutions in the form of our various windowed options as well as elegant folding doors.   Aluminium Window Products Our windows and sliding folding doors are tailor-made to fit our client’s unique architectural design requirements. Sequ-Door offers a number of window solutions for your patio that are not only durable and well made, but are also energy efficient. Stylishly reframe your view and allow maximum light and ventilation into your patio.   Butt Joint Windows These windows offer an almost unobstructed view of your surroundings as glass meets glass to form a joint. Wrap your patio in an elegant panoramic view.  This window solution will require sufficient support to be secure, but will guarantee an aesthetically pleasing and permanently protective feature to your home.   Benefits & Features   More light and less obstructed views. Various glass options [...]

Form & Function – Where style blends with security

Home security, especially in SA, should be everyone's top concern. Yet it's important from both a design and a functional perspective that security essentials blend seamlessly with your modern home decor. We take a look at some of the key security areas of your home from an interior design perspective to suggest ways in which you can best organise them in functional, yet creative ways.   Entrance ways The front door is the gateway to your home. Not only does a stunning front door appeal to our sense of personal pride, but so too does it deter criminals when combined with modern security. The style and modern appeal of aluminium hinged doors with a faded or clear glass interior is a timeless appeal with all the security and decorative features rolled into one, with the use of laminated safety glass. The versatility of these doors allows for both interior or exterior use. Take a look at our range here: https://www.sequ-door.co.za/product/hinge-doors-double-single/?portfolioCats=143 [...]

Is your workplace safe and secure?

When looking for a workspace or office property to rent or buy, there are several security aspects you need to consider before making an informed decision on your final space. Although outfitting your office with the latest security is paramount, you will also need to reflect on the type of building security essentials that best work for you.   With more and more people either opting to work from home or in smaller groups, the home office space has become a popular option. Ahead, we answer six security questions to alleviate business owner woes.   Question One: Adequately burglar proofed?  This refers to all aspects of the building, whether interior or exterior and should be the first question asked that fills in the gaps.    Ensure that all entrances are secured with high quality expandable security doors and burglar proofing. At Sequ-Door, we offer a wide variety of options for entrance security. We are more than equipped to outfit your [...]

37.5% Discount T’s & C’s

Valid from 01 May 2021 to 31 May 2021 Sequ-Door will be running a once-off 37.5% discount on all aluminium folding doors. The promotional discount is FINAL. No alternate discount requests will be accepted. This 37.5% discount promotion covers ALUMINIUM FOLDING DOORS only. No other product or service listed by Sequ-Door is affected by this. Items already reduced in price are also excluded from the discount offers. The customer agrees to the use of his/her name and image in any publicity material for Sequ-Door’s social media pages promoting this discount or any subsequent promotion. Utilisation of the discount means that you are accepting Sequ-Door's terms and conditions. Sequ-Door also reserves the right to cancel the promotion if circumstances arise outside of its control. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter, or any other Social Network. The promotion is entirely run by, administered, and carried out by Sequ-Door. Successful use of discounts [...]

Five ways to motivate yourself during a pandemic 

No one can say that they have not been affected by the multiple levels of lockdowns, curfews, and lack of access to family, friends, or even work! We have all experienced that dip in motivation and most of us are pining for a resemblance of a normal life. As such, we at Sequ-Door understand the need to find ways to keep ourselves focused and moving forward.    Let's take a look at a few ideas in which you can improve your mood at home and stay on track during these trying times.   Declutter and re-organise your home   Since you are here for the long-haul, you may as well focus on your home space. Think about those projects you have put off, like tackling that one particularly messy cupboard or cleaning out your garage. These much-needed areas of attention give you an opportunity to clear your mind as well as your home. Since you’ve been held up there for [...]

Why an Expandable slam-lock door is essential to home security

We understand that security is a major focus for homeowners in South Africa. Sequ-Door has been designing, perfecting, and installing slam-lock doors and barrier solutions since 2007 and we are market leaders who recommend only the best security options for your home security.    As part of our promise to promote safety, we highlight why our slam-lock doors are an important addition to your home security complement.   The SLAM-LOCK feature   Slam locks are essential because they allow you the time to react quickly and create a physical barrier between yourself and an unexpected intruder almost instantly. This is the selling point of our doors and what they’re named for. How it works is based on a double locking system. An initial spring lock is used for the emergency slam-lock feature whilst a secondary lock is used for manual securing with a key.    See our range of security doors all with slam-lock features: https://www.sequ-door.co.za/security-doors/   Durability   Our [...]


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