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5 of SA’s Safest Holiday Destinations ( 5 minute read)

South Africans are blessed to live in a country with breathtaking landscapes, wild animals, and a variety of destinations for every type of dream holiday. Whether you’re looking for a hiking retreat, a desert camping adventure, or to soak up the sun on our beautiful shores, there is a holiday…

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How Large Aluminium Windows Beautify Your Home (3 Minute Read)

Few things in this world are better than owning and living in a beautiful home, and few changes can truly remaster a house better than large aluminium framed windows. Large windows allow the home to create plenty of appeal with large windows easily creating an aesthetic which cannot be faked.…

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Neighbourhood Chat Groups – Pros and Cons (3 minute read)

For many families, safety and security of our homes is a high priority and an effective way to help maintain home security is by being a part of a neighbourhood chat group. Whether your chat group is on a Facebook group or Whatsapp, there will always be certain benefits and…

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