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Securing your home for your December holiday

It’s been decided - you and your family ARE going away in December for a well-deserved break!  But, what about your home? Will your house be unoccupied whilst you are away? If so, then don’t delay as now’s the time to check the security strength of your home.   We all know that December, being holiday season, is when burglars scour the suburbs for any unoccupied homes - ripe pickings and prime targets for opportunistic home invaders.   The high national crime statistics for South Africa 2019 reveal how extremely important it is to reassess your home security and take all the necessary precautions to properly safeguard your home:  Robbery at Residential Premises = 22,341 Robbery at Non-Residential Premises  = 19,991 Burglary at Non-Residential Premises =  71,224   As burglars often bypass difficult targets in favour of easy targets, make sure your home is a difficult target.   Ramp up the security of all your windows and doors  Check that [...]

Patio entertaining in style and safety 

1. Safe Patio Entertaining We love our patios - it’s where we entertain with good friends and family, relax and get to enjoy our great weather. But how safe are we on our patios? With security being top of mind these days, enclosing your patio makes good sense, but adding extra Security to it, is where we can help. Not only can you enclose your Patio with our various Aluminium options, but you can install Expandable Security doors on the inside of your patio Enclosure, keeping the doors locked, whilst having your Sliding Folding Doors open to enjoy the fresh air.  Therefore, adding increased Security to your new Patio Entertaining space.   2. Increases your living space An enclosed patio adds an extra living space to your home, whether it be to entertain on your patio, a reading room, sunroom or extra living space.  Enclosing your patio with our Aluminium Sliding Folding Doors for weather protection or open up to [...]

Sequ-Door’s Security Promotion WIN a R5 000 Makro Voucher prize

Hurry, don’t miss out!   Enter our exciting security promotion and you may be the lucky WINNER of a R5 000 Makro Voucher. For your name to be entered into the draw, purchase one of our expandable security doors or burglar proofing solutions between now and 30 November.  Only one entry per person. Upgrade your security AND WIN - just in time for the festive season!   Terms and Conditions: The competition is open to persons aged 18 years or over and excludes employees of Sequ-Door and their close relatives and anyone otherwise connected with the company or judging of the competition. There is no entry fee, however, the purchase, installation of Sequ-Door security products, namely one of our great expandable security doors or burglar proofing solutions (excluding shutter security), by a Sequ-Door representative is necessary to enter this competition. By entering this competition, an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions. Route to entry [...]

4 Reasons Why Aluminium Doors & Windows Will Benefit Your Home

Aluminium, as a resource, is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries in interior design and home building. Here are a few reasons why Sequ-Door has chosen this durable material:   It’s a lightweight material so that opening or closing aluminium windows is effortless, yet sturdy at the same time. It’s ideal for the South African climate and weather conditions as it does not easily rust and corrode. It’s easy to clean and care for, and does not need excessive maintenance – providing the perfect long lasting product for your home or building.   Using aluminium can transform the interior of your home. Here are 4 things to think about before you switch from steel or wood to aluminium:   Modern, Durable Frames & Natural light Its natural strength allows aluminium windows and doors to have neat and trim frames so that more of the door or window can be glazed, laying the platform for beautiful light and open spaces.   [...]

What Is Your Mental State Around Securing Your Home?

Sleep Easy Security  Does your home lack proper security and keep you awake at night? Did you know that a lack of sleep can be related to conditions like stress, depression, and anxiety and can affect your mental health, playing havoc with your routine and enjoyment of everyday life.   It’s no secret that sleep is essential - as important as eating, drinking and breathing, and is vital for maintaining a good level of mental and physical health.    Perhaps improving your home security will lead to a better night's sleep. It’s time to relook at your home security NOW. We have 4 tips to make sure you choose a robust solution to give you peace of mind and possibly a better night’s sleep.   1.Limited budgets means prioritisation If securing your home all at once is not an option, a great starting point is to begin by securing, or blocking off your primary living area (the bedrooms and bathrooms) [...]

Trendy Patio Décor Ideas In South Africa

Whatever the season, we love throwing open the doors of our patio on sunny days to revel in our indoor outdoor living lifestyle. Get some spring inspiration from these trends to make your patio feel like an inviting safe zone and retreat for relaxing and entertaining in style.   1.Greenery Green your patio by mounting pots and planters on the wall filled with shrubs, ferns and flowering plants like water-wise bromeliads and orchids.    2.Curtaining  Soft, lightweight, sheer curtains filter the sunlight, provide privacy from too near neighbours and add warmth to the space.   3.Lighting Lighting is effective in creating atmosphere. Add string lights, ornamental side lamps or overhead contemporary pendant lights ideal for entertaining after sunset.   4.Music While patio enclosures may be soundproof and loud music will drown out rowdy neighbours,  playing soft gentle music sets a restful atmosphere for your retreat that family and friends can enjoy.     5.Extra Seating Floor pillows, scatter cushions and throws [...]

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