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Cosy Winter Patio Enclosures (5 Min Read)

Spending time with friends and family out in our beautiful South African weather is a past time enjoyed by millions every day, but what do you do when the temperature begins to fall? During the day, winter can be very comfortable and enjoyable to spend outside and enjoy a braai,…

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Is your security system foolproof? (3 Min read)

As the days are becoming shorter and the weather is becoming colder, it’s time to take a look at your current security routine and consider whether it can be improved. Insurance companies are seeing a spike in claims during the winter months due to more crimes taking place. Read on…

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Your Right to Safety (4-minute read)

South Africans are not strangers to the dread of load shedding and many of us have a plan of action for when the lights go out, although we don’t always consider our safety plans during this time. With a load-shedding schedule being publicly announcing when the blackouts will occur, burglars…

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How to clean your windows Organically (4 minute read)

Having crystal clear windows and even mirrors in and around your home makes a big difference to your living conditions. The problem with maintaining clean windows is usually due to an ingredient found in commercial cleaners with harsh chemicals which leave a waxy residue that attracts dirt. Not only do…

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