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Transform your home – Spring Renovations

The best way to renovate your home for spring and keep to a budget is to attend to those things that are important and that will add more value in the long-term first. Here are a few suggestions:   Deep Cleaning Deep clean the interior and exterior of your home and simultaneously assess what requires fixing or replacing. Your home will smell fresh and sparkle and shine again.   Paint A new coat of paint will uplift the exterior facade of your home and change the interior look and feel this spring especially if you opt for a different colour or shade.  It is a job you can easily do yourself to reduce costs but will really transform your home - internally and externally.      Landscaping Spring clean your garden - remove all debris, tired and dying or dead plants. Prepare your soil thoroughly. Buy and plant a mix of ready-to-plant flowers and shrubs in a variety of vibrant colours [...]

Benefits of Enclosing your Patio

Having a patio is of great recreational benefit to your family and home. But enclosing a patio will allow you an additional beautiful space where you can enjoy the outdoors from within the warmth and safety of being indoors.   Here are 5 reasons why you should enclose your patio, which will:   Shelter You and Your Family from unpleasant weather elements like heavy rain and winds, and extreme heat or cold. It will keep out bugs and insects and prevent leaves and debris building up on the patio and in bad weather you will still be able to relax and enjoy your patio.   Create Extra Living Space Essentially you are adding an additional room which extends your living space and, when opened up, lets in lots of light and sunshine. It can serve many purposes such as a family entertainment area, family room, a sunroom, for hosting parties, or as a TV room for laid-back watching of sports [...]

Safety isn’t Expensive, it’s Priceless

In these times of high crime rates, the safety and security of our home and family is important. For peace of mind, regularly check, maintain and upgrade if necessary, that your property is secure both internally and externally and that your family is fully aware of your own internal safety measures and practices. Safety isn’t expensive, it's priceless. Here are some suggestions for ensuring your security at home... Your Home Security Where you should feel the safest is in your own home. So, it’s imperative that, within your home space, you are entirely safe and secure and that your home is impenetrable. Check and be sure that: The frames of all doors and windows are strong and fit tightly. All doors and windows are reinforced with tough burglar bars. Your expandable security doors are sturdy and fitted with SLAM-Locks for added safety in times of emergency. If you have installed an alarm, that it is in good working order. Check [...]

Security Shutters, where Style Meets Security

The new trend in home décor is to use shutters, a multi-purpose solution providing privacy, security and a mechanism to control the natural light and natural warmth into a room.   Our shutters are only manufactured from aluminium, a strong, easy-to-clean, weather- and rust- and fire-proof product with a low carbon footprint. Our shutters are guaranteed - in summary: 10 years Guarantee of materials and components manufactured by Blockhouse Shutters itself. 5 years for materials and components of the Products that were not manufactured  by Blockhouse Shutters. But for the full Product Quality Guarantee, please see: https://www.sequ-door.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Guarantee-Blockhouse-Shutters.pdf   Using Shutters in Your Home has many benefits. Some of which are: They have multi-purposes: to enhance your security, provide privacy, and control the light flow into your home. The aluminium louvres fit snugly to block out, or let in, the natural light - as you desire. They can be fitted on doors or windows. They are ideal indoors for bedrooms, kitchens, [...]

Facts to consider when planning a home renovation.

When planning a home renovation, there are many factors to consider but, in these times, enhancing your security should also be top of mind. There are many security devices and options to consider - such as lighting and security cameras around the premises or using a 24hr armed reaction security services provider - all of which have their own merits. But, the best way to thwart potential burglars is to make their access to your home totally impossible.    As the most common points of entry to your home for any would-be burglars are your doors, windows and patio, these are deserving of the most attention and rigid security features. While you need to feel safe and secure, it is not necessary to compromise on style and aesthetics.    All Doors and Windows should: Be made from strong and robust materials. Be tightly and securely fitted.  Have strong locking mechanisms. Be additionally reinforced with tough and resistant burglar proofing.   [...]

Protect what you love during uncertain times

We have all been living with uncertainty and confusion since the lockdown and worrying about the long lasting effect of Covid-19 on the pre-existing issues of our poor economy and high unemployment rate.    Job Loss & Poverty Several projections have been made and published on the economic effects and the expected greater rise in job losses and poverty.     Whilst forecasted statistics have been provided on the predicted economic impact, and Business for SA (B4SA) has recently forecasted “that up to four million jobs could be lost this year”, it has been cited that “it’s too early for definitive conclusions on the security impact”.    However, in all these projections, the common recurring prediction is that, after lockdown, because our economic recovery will be very slow, unemployment is expected to increase even further as business struggles to “normalise” and get back on its feet.    If we consider these statistics for South Africa 2019: Robbery at Residential Premises = [...]

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