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Aluminium Window & Door trends: What you should know

When it comes to designing your home and installing products which optimise space, while still looking good; there are many, many options for you to choose from. One such option is installing aluminium doors and windows. They add an effortlessly sleek feel to any room they’re installed in while also being economical with space and making the most of natural light. Here are some of the biggest aluminium door and window trends in 2019 to keep in mind when looking for the perfect fit for your home. Shades of black Black hues are the colour of the season when it comes to choosing the perfect colour for your aluminium window or door frames. Choosing black shades for your door and window frames will help add a stylish element to your home with a timeless, yet sleek and contemporary feel. Black is also a colour which can complement a diverse array of colour schemes from bold, to muted colours; making it [...]

How Large Aluminium Windows Beautify Your Home (3 Minute Read)

Few things in this world are better than owning and living in a beautiful home, and few changes can truly remaster a house better than large aluminium framed windows. Large windows allow the home to create plenty of appeal with large windows easily creating an aesthetic which cannot be faked. Read here for four reasons why you should install large windows to beautify your home. Natural Light: It’s no secret that natural daylight is highly sought after in homes as it has shown to boost mood as well as help reduce electricity bills. Large windows allow plenty of sunlight to graciously flood the room, providing a comfortable living area with a cheerful mood. Bring the Outdoors In: Most people love the comforting beauty of nature with its ever-changing setting. Large windows easily enable the outdoors to be appreciated from inside the home allowing you to feel closer to nature without the drawbacks of insects, wind, or uncomfortable temperatures. In this [...]

It’s Better to be Safe than Sorry! 8 Essential Must Haves in Your Safe Zone (3 Minute Read)

With the crime statistics on the rise it is essential that you are safe rather than sorry. Create a safety zone in your home that can give you the time you need to get help should you be faced with a home invasion. A secured safety zone should be constructed using robust burglar proofing barriers such as burglar bars, expandable security doors with a SLAM-Lock feature and security gates. There are several other items which should be included in your home safety zone at all times to provide you with the tools you need in an emergency. Read below for the eight essential items you need in your safety zone.       1. Cell Phone             Keep your cell phone in the safe zone so it is easy to access in an emergency, this will             ensure that you can call for help. Save an emergency number in your speed [...]

At Sequ-Door we emphasize customer service

Our name ‘S-E-Q-U’ stands for Service-Excellence-Quality-Unique and, as such, we place a huge emphasis not only on manufacturing high quality aluminium doors, windows and security barrier solutions - but also on our customer-focused approach of providing top quality service to our valued clients.  In order to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience when working with us, we have formulated a customer-focused service plan: Find out more about what can expect from the Sequ-Door experience... Request a FREE quote.  Our booking administrator will contact you to arrange for a professional sales rep to meet onsite, at a time convenient to you. On site evaluation and product presentation will then be done in order to better understand and incorporate your needs and ideas, as well as to answer any questions you may have. A quote is then generated and then sent to you. If you are happy and the quote is accepted, it must be sent to the office [...]

How to Secure Your Business (5 minute read)

Many businesses whether a storefront, in an office park, runs out of the home, or a stand-alone building, house many valuables that may cost tens or hundreds of thousands in stock or assets. Regardless of what type of business you operate, securing the premises is an essential step to securing your livelihood and safety in the workplace. Here are five key points to remember when you consider securing your business premises. Have a Risk Assessment Done: The first and probably most important step in securing your business and its premises is to have a risk assessment carried out. This will help you to identify which areas need the most security, where any weak or blind spots are, and which is the most likely entry points for potential burglars. Set Up CCTV and Security Cameras: Have security cameras installed at the entrances, exits, reception or check-out points, and in any particular areas you would like monitored. CCTV and security cameras will [...]

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