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Expandable Security doors and burglar proofing. 5 Reasons you need to order from Sequ-Door. ( 5 minutes read)

  Our Supply and export locations     Sequ-Door has exported to many places all over the African continent with a distribution network expanding to several areas within South Africa which include: Potchefstroom Kroonstad Welkom Rustenburg Middleburg Bloemfontein Nelspruit Polokwane Modimoll We also supply to African countries outside our borders for further information visit: https://www.sequ-door.co.za/contact/     Design and manufacturing quality We adhere to the strictest quality standard providing industry-leading security products to secure your property and family. The materials and manufacturing process ensures that all our expandable doors comply with the highest standards and ensure quality products. Our products are manufactured locally and we support local industries in aiding job creation, we are also a SADC registered exporter making partnerships with other SADC importers substantial. We are an accredited AAAMSA certified company our Aluminium doors and windows adhere to the strictest design standard ensuring we manufacture and deliver safe products. Our expandable security doors are manufactured from A-grade materials [...]

3 Essential Tips to Keep your family safe during the month of love (2 minutes read)

February also known as the month of love is one of the most exciting times of the year hence you can’t overlook the safety of your loved ones. “If you think safety is expensive try an accident”- unknown author.   Here at Sequ-Door we prioritise your well-being and wish you a beautiful Valentines Day accompanied by 3 Tips to keep your Family safe this month. 1. Keep your doors open to loved ones and closed to strangers Whether it’s a salesperson, electrician, plumber, phone company or repair person, don’t let anyone into your home if you don’t have an appointment with them and always ask for identification. There are a number of reasons not to let an unexpected visitor into your house, especially in this modern day and age. 2. Keep open communication with your children as to where they are and what time they are arriving home. There are plenty of reasons to know where your children are, not [...]

Converting from steel to aluminium – what you should know

What better time than the New Year to spruce up your home by replacing your older steel windows and doors with new, sleeker aluminium ones? In the past, steel was often used as a material of choice for windows and doors; however, thanks to the affordability and versatility of aluminium, more and more people are starting to say goodbye to their older steel windows in favour of converting to aluminium.  So, if you’re thinking of making the conversion from steel to aluminium, here are some important things you should know: Aluminium is significantly more affordable than its steel counterpart which, in some cases, can be as much as double the price. When choosing to upgrade or replace your older steel windows and doors it’s important to choose an option that is cost-effective without compromising on quality and durability, which makes aluminium an excellent choice – especially if you need to convert all the windows and doors in your home. When [...]

New Year’s resolutions: why your home security should be one

For many of us, the New Year brings with it a whole bunch of resolutions which we try (and often fail) to keep. Whether it’s losing weight, eating healthier or just doing some maintenance around the house, we set ourselves these goals in the hopes of improving our lives in some way or another. When it comes to choosing what your New Year’s resolutions for 2020 will be, have you considered adding improving your home security to your list? After all, what is more important than ensuring your family’s safety and security for the year ahead? As crime rates continue to rise in our country, we find ourselves more and more vulnerable, whether at home or when we’re out. This means that it has never been more important than now to ensure that you have the best possible security at home. Here are some tips to improve your home’s security: Install expandable security doors Doors are often the first point [...]

Choose the right burglar bars for your home

Burglar bars are an extremely effective way of protecting your home from unwelcome intruders. Installing burglar bars on your windows can be a deterrent for potential burglars and decrease the chance of your home being targeted. When it comes to choosing the right type of burglar bars for your home it is important that you choose a product which not only fits the style of your home but also your specific security requirements. Sequ-door offers a wide range of robust burglar bars, in varying styles, colours and strengths, which you can choose from.  Whether you’re looking for simple security bars or more robust options, Sequ-door has you covered:  Security Window Fixture Our Security Window Fixtures are tailor made to fit your window and to give you the highest possible level of security. These extra-strength burglar bars are fixed and made of steel, making it very difficult for intruders to break them open.Their design is similar to our security doors, enabling [...]

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