Locked down and at home this Easter weekend! Are you planning a South African style luncheon outdoors on the patio or in the garden revelling in our great African weather? 


Decide whether you are going formal or informal.

Go formal or go informal! This choice usually depends on your theme and on your menu. With the restrictions and only close family at home during lockdown, informal may be the easier option. Cover a table with a decorative cloth. Place the food, crockery and cutlery here for everyone to help themselves at their leisure. Let them sit randomly around on the patio or garden to eat and enjoy their meal.

For more information on table-setting, follow this link:



Chic Modern Easter Decor 

Make this Easter at home fun and colourful. Choose your theme from those items already in your cupboards. Try to be creative, use fashionable colours if possible or use inspirations from your garden such as leaves, grasses or flowers. See how decoratively and stylishly you can transform your house and setting during lockdown.

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Choosing a menu will be more difficult this Easter with restrictions on shopping hours. But, using items at home and with clever planning, attractive presentation and knowing what food appeals that you are able to prepare, you are sure to satisfy those at home with you. 

You may even be able to decorate some menu items to reflect Easter, e.g. bunnies, chicks or Easter eggs. Hot cross buns and colourful easter eggs are typical at Easter which you may be able to add to your menu if already purchased.

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Hosts may even consider selecting some of the drinks to fit in with the theme and colour choice such as pink champagne, pink gin, blue gin, yellow cocktails.


Kids Entertainment at their Own Table

If you have children with you during lockdown, let them feel grown up. Let them have their own table with an array of on hand goodies to tempt them to create drawings, buntings, painted or coloured bunny faces or other Easter items. For more ideas, follow this link: https://onelittleproject.com/easter-crafts-for-kids/

However, the most exciting activity for children is the Easter egg hunt especially as they will be able to enjoy eating the successes of their finds.  A variation on this could be a hunt for home-made Easter bunny footprints if you have not been able to purchase any Easter eggs. 


Be Patio Safe

Whilst enjoying a relaxed Easter during lockdown, whether casual or formal, you should all feel comfortable that you are in a safe and secure environment. In South Africa today, it is essential to secure your home. If you are not 100% content with your home security, consider the home and patio conversions done by Sequ-Door using their strong, expandable security doors with their slam-lock feature.

To view some options, follow the link: https://www.sequ-door.co.za/gallery/


Do have great fun on your patio this Easter. Have fun raiding your cupboards for interesting ornamental items. Have fun setting and decorating the patio attractively and presenting a delectable array of food and drinks. But, do be content in the knowledge that you are safe, and that your home and patio are well-protected and highly secure..

For more information on home and patio security, follow the link: https://www.sequ-door.co.za/


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