Stable Doors

Stable Doors The stable door is a popular option for many kitchens and sculleries. It is a single hinge door that has been separated into a top half, which can be opened independently, and the bottom half which can be locked in place. A popular choice where ventilation is needed, yet pets for example need to be protected inside or kept out of the house. Benefits & Features Open out options allow for a fully weather proofed door Independent top and bottom sections of the door Allows for natural ventilation Two flush bolts standard Maximum individual door width – 1100 mm Maximum total door height – 2400 mm Available in various popular powder coated colours

Sliding Folding Door

Sliding Folding Door Mostly used in the main areas of the house or business to create a feeling of joining the interior and exterior of the property. Whilst this product is both aesthetically pleasing, it is one of the most secure products in our range, offering 3, 5, 7 or 9 panel as either right or left hand side locking. Benefits & Features Whilst in the open position, this door will fold away to reveal up to 90% of the doorway Multiple locking points (every second panel), boosts the door’s secure features Fully weather proof Custom built in ventilation options available Maximum individual panel width – 900 mm Maximum individual panel height – 3000 mm Available in various popular powder coated colours

Pivot Doors

Pivot Doors This door comes as a single door panel and moves on a rotating pivot set which is mounted at the top and bottom of the door. It is made to be one of the more visually appealing doors in our range which allows for designs to be created within the panel. A showpiece to the entrance of your building. Benefits & Features An overhead protecting the door is recommended to shield from weather Door width between 750 mm and 1500 mm Maximum door height – 2600 mm Custom design in door panel available Roller catch lock standard Beautifully crafted chrome handles come standard Available in various popular powder coated colours

Palace Sliding Doors

Palace Sliding Doors The palace system, is a premium range sliding door which offers more durability and greater panel size, compared to that of our standard sliding door range. Available in various colour and panel configurations, offering more light and airflow into your space. Benefits and Features Double roller wheel Based on the large panel allowance, these doors can offer great somewhat unobstructed views weather open or closed. Allows for roughly 50% reveal opening in the 2 and 4 panel configurations, and up to 67% in the 3 and 6 panel options. Fully weather proof Locking point and handle are more durable than that fitted to the standard sliding door Quality hardware components offer a smoother user experience Sidelights with vents can be attached to offer ventilation while door is closed. Maximum individual panel width – 1500 mm Maximum individual panel height – 3000 mm Available in various popular powder coated colours  

Hinge Doors – Double & Single

Hinge Doors - Double & Single Available in both single and double panels, our hinged door a popular choice for both internal and external use in your building. When fitted for external use, these doors offer full weather proofing, however can be fitted internally without a bottom sill leaving your floors free of any obstructions. Benefits and Features Both types of door come standard with a latch lock and include a single-action flush bolt on the double hinged door for added security Double Hinge Doors offer wider openings when needed and locked in place when only the single hinge door is in use Slimline handle allows you to open the door from either the exterior or interior Standard use of 6.38 laminated safety glass for added protection in the event of an accident or forced entry Maximum individual door width – 1200 mm Maximum individual door height – 2600 mm Available in various popular powder coated colours

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