Project Description

Hinge Doors – Double & Single

Available in both single and double panels, our hinged door a popular choice for both internal and external use in your building. When fitted for external use, these doors offer full weather proofing, however can be fitted internally without a bottom sill leaving your floors free of any obstructions.

Benefits and Features

  • Both types of door come standard with a latch lock and include a single-action flush bolt on the double hinged door for added security
  • Double Hinge Doors offer wider openings when needed and locked in place when only the single hinge door is in use
  • Slimline handle allows you to open the door from either the exterior or interior
  • Standard use of 6.38 laminated safety glass for added protection in the event of an accident or forced entry
  • Maximum individual door width – 1200 mm
  • Maximum individual door height – 2600 mm
  • Available in various popular powder coated colours