Project Description

Palace Sliding Doors

The palace system, is a premium range sliding door which offers more durability and greater panel size, compared to that of our standard sliding door range. Available in various colour and panel configurations, offering more light and airflow into your space.

Benefits and Features

  • Double roller wheel
  • Based on the large panel allowance, these doors can offer great somewhat unobstructed views weather open or closed.
  • Allows for roughly 50% reveal opening in the 2 and 4 panel configurations, and up to 67% in the 3 and 6 panel options.
  • Fully weather proof
  • Locking point and handle are more durable than that fitted to the standard sliding door
  • Quality hardware components offer a smoother user experience
  • Sidelights with vents can be attached to offer ventilation while door is closed.
  • Maximum individual panel width – 1500 mm
  • Maximum individual panel height – 3000 mm
  • Available in various popular powder coated colours