We have all been living with uncertainty and confusion since the lockdown and worrying about the long lasting effect of Covid-19 on the pre-existing issues of our poor economy and high unemployment rate. 


Job Loss & Poverty

Several projections have been made and published on the economic effects and the expected greater rise in job losses and poverty.  


Whilst forecasted statistics have been provided on the predicted economic impact, and Business for SA (B4SA) has recently forecasted “that up to four million jobs could be lost this year”, it has been cited that “it’s too early for definitive conclusions on the security impact”. 


However, in all these projections, the common recurring prediction is that, after lockdown, because our economic recovery will be very slow, unemployment is expected to increase even further as business struggles to “normalise” and get back on its feet. 


If we consider these statistics for South Africa 2019:

Robbery at Residential Premises = 22,341

Robbery at Non-Residential Premises  = 19 991

Burglary at Non-Residential Premises =  71 224


then, for us, the everyday citizens, these high figures are very concerning. It is a known fact that when unemployment is high, then crime increases. How else do the unemployed and those in desperate straits survive?  When you have very little, crime becomes the only way! 


How to make sure we keep safe?

We will need to be alert at all times and protect ourselves more than ever before. We will need to have a full inspection done of our home security to test its robustness and to see if maintenance or an upgrade is needed. We need to be sure that all has been done to guarantee the safety of those we love. 


If security is of concern to you, contact Sequ-Door who are experts on offering advice on, and providing resilient products for, home and office security needs. 


Sequ-Door’s high-quality security products are manufactured to be tough, hard-wearing, fire-proof, non-rusting, water- and air-tight which is resistant to sunlight, rain and damp.


Here is a summary of Sequ-Door’s quality security products:


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Expandable Security Doors have no plastic working components and come standard with a SLAM-Lock for extra safety and protection. 

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Burglar Proofing options are round or flat steel burglar bars, window sliders or rigid window fixtures. 

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Sequ-Door Home Conversions or Patio Enclosures

Sequ-Door also offers a variety of home conversions to upgrade your home, as well as patio enclosures which not only increase the size of your living space but also add extra security and protection from the weather. 

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Do you need to enhance your security to protect what you love during these uncertain times, then Sequ-Door has all the answers for your home security and burglar proofing needs.


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