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6 Tips to Decorate your Patio for the Festive Season (3 Minute Read)

Decorating your patio, balcony, or lapa for any season is a lot of fun and can get your guests in the mood for a fun evening when you entertain. While decorating seems to come naturally to some people, for others it requires a little more thought and planning for a beautifully created space. Read here…
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Meat Marinades for Your Braai Day (7 minute read)

Heritage Day is fast approaching and the holiday will be celebrated by South Africans taking the day to reflect upon the diverse cultures and languages which truly make South Africa a wonderfully unique country to live in. For most South Africans, meat plays an important role in their Heritage Day celebration. Whether it’s chicken, beef,…
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Braaiing – Charcoal vs. Gas (6 minute read)

When it comes to having a braai, we all have our own way of doing it, our own method of getting the braai just right. One of the biggest debates in cooking meat on the braai is what fuel to use, charcoal or gas. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their choice…
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