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6 Tips to Decorate your Patio for the Festive Season (3 Minute Read)

Decorating your patio, balcony, or lapa for any season is a lot of fun and can get your guests in the mood for a fun evening when you entertain. While decorating seems to come naturally to some people, for others it requires a little more thought and planning for a beautifully created space. Read here…
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The Importance of AAAMSA (5 minute read)

At Sequ-Door, we are proud of our AAAMSA certification, not only because we’ve worked hard in achieving both the manufacturing and installation accreditations but also because it allows us to bring our clients the very best in aluminium products and services. What is AAAMSA? AAAMSA stands for the Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers of South…
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Braai Master Etiquette (3 Minute Read)

Never mess with another mans Braai... We all entertain guests and enjoy the company of our friends and family. One of the best ways to entertain is the braai. If you're new to braaing it can be intimidating, and even for seasoned veterans there are some simple rules to follow. Here are our 5 rules…
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