As the weather begins to turn colder, many families will be unpacking their winter clothing, winter blankets and their trusted heating devices with much care and love. Before South Africa hits our first cold front, now is the time to take a look at our favourite heating choice and reassess whether it is in fact the right and safe option for our family. Here are the three most popular indoor heating options for South African winters and their own pros and cons.

Fire has been the primary source of heat for thousands of years and there is nothing that will replace the aesthetic appeal, but how does it measure up to heating your home with all of today’s available options?

Fireplace Pros:
● Fireplaces give off an incredible, cosy ambiance that can’t be faked by newer technologies.
● Fireplaces will provide a room with heat and light in the event of a power outage or load shedding.
● A variety of different woods are available, from quick burning to long burning woods and even woods that will give off delightful fragrances.

Fireplace Cons:
● Fireplaces burn through wood relatively quickly and will need to be replaced frequently.
● Fireplaces can be difficult and incredibly messy to clean, and should the embers not be completely extinguished, it can be dangerous as well creating a safety risk to your family.
● If the fireplace hasn’t been properly maintained, the room and home will quickly become smoked up which can lead to breathing difficulties, lingering smell, and an exhausting clean up.
● A fireplace will always need to be carefully monitored, otherwise it is an extremely risky source of heating.
● The smoke from a fireplace contributes to air pollution.

Since the discovery of electricity and different ways in which we can harness, produce and utilise it, a variety of inventions have come to the market all with the sole purpose of simplifying our lives. So how does electronic heating match up to the others?

Electrical Heating Pros:
● Electronic heating products are cheap to buy.
● There are dozens of amazing electronic heating products readily available to suit all budgets and needs. This includes small conventional heaters, electric blankets, electric fireplaces and underfloor heating.
● They are clean to use, meaning that they won’t create a mess inside the home.

Electrical Heating Cons:
● Currently, electricity in South Africa is commonly produced by burning coal or using diesel generators. This contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.
● Electricity bills are more expensive in the long run than gas bills.
● Most electrical heating systems aren’t as energy efficient as gas or wood burning options and lead to much higher electricity bills.
● In the event of a power outage or loadshedding, electrical heating systems won’t provide any light or heat.
● Often if electrical heating appliances haven’t been maintained or are damaged, they can lead to fires and shorts that cause security and safety hazards in the home.

Gas was the revolutionary way to power homes before electricity became the norm, however, gas has always been a cheaper option for many and is used by millions of families world wide. So has gas been able to hold its own a century after electricity came to the table and is it still a viable option?

Gas Pros:
● Using gas heating appliances provides instant heat to the area.
● Gas is cheaper to use in the long run when compared to both electricity and wood based heating options.
● Gas produces one third of the greenhouse emissions than electricity making it a more environmentally friendly option.
● Gas heating appliances provide efficient heating to a room with controllable heat settings.
● Gas appliances are low maintenance.
● Gas heaters are readily available for both inside and outside, meaning gatherings inside your patio enclosure will be warm and comfortable for your guests.
● Gas allows for heating to continue during a power outage or load shedding.

Gas Cons:
● Gas heating appliances are fairly expensive to purchase initially but the savings in running costs are notable.
● Gas doesn’t always give warnings on a dangerous leaks and needs to be used with caution.

However you decide to warm your home this winter, make sure you know the ups and downs of all your available options. Always remember to practice safety and stay warm this winter.

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